Thursday, February 26 is back!

Its working and with the new owner-  Ilgar Huseynov, director of Trend online newspaper. abruptly stopped its work on February 16th for 'unknown' reasons, and while the operation of the site was to resume on February 25th, the site remained non-accessible for that day.

However, it re-opened today (February 26) and is working. 

Some thought on this whole incident:
- Why the portal was sold to begin with?
- If there were plans to sell the portal form the very beginning then why it wasn't explained or announced when the website first shut down and even before it was going to shut down? The editors could have continued working while the management changed hands?
- Why was it all kept in dark and on the website it said it was closed for technical reasons? Does changing management of the website has technical sides to it?

I don't know the answers but maybe soon it will become clear?



Two more questions to be answered: (1) why forum was divorced from it and moved to, former employment website created; and (b) why Berezovsky interview is still there?

Adnan Hajizada said...

The website is in fact back. However, (as it was predicted) it is not the same. All of the advirtisment is gone and the news come up with the much less frequency than before.