Tuesday, November 8

Azerbaijan's postal service is like a black hole when it comes to politically sensitive documents

And it is not even funny. 

For a second time already, the country's postal service says it "lost" an envelope addressed to the European Court of Human Rights. Speaking with local media, lawyer Nemat Karimli said, it is second time that Azerbaijani postal service lost Fuad Gahramnli's documents that were meant to reach the ECHR. 

Gahramanli, is deputy head of Azerbaijan's opposition Popular Front Party. He was arrested on December 8 of 2015 for his critical of the government Facebook status updates. He is being charged with challenging state authority and inciting national, racial, religious hatred and hostility. 

Previously, the postal service "lost" documents in the case of freelance reporter Shirin Abbasov who at the time had complaint letters mailed. Abbasov's lawyer, received compensation in the amount of 82AZN. 

This time the postal service has been quiet. 

Azerbaijan's postal service is notorious for being "interested" in mail of its citizens. For decades packages sent from abroad would come half open or glued all over. Sometimes, the contents would be missing or not all in place. Surely there is no concrete evidence, but plenty of personal anecdotes and experiences are enough to conclude, that big brother with tiny mustache and his friends keep an eye out on what people send and receive. 

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