Tuesday, May 17

When rape and fear is your only weapon (part 2)

The atrocities committed in Azerbaijan's detention centers- this needs to be mailed to every single apologist of Azerbaijan in order for them to understand the kind of the regime they are applauding and wanting to keep around for the sake of "stability". 

"They chained my hands from behind and then started beating me with batons. They punched me with their fists and legs. And when I started screaming from pain they taped my mouth", recently detained youth activist Bayram Mammadov wrote in a letter that was passed by his lawyer.

"I was brought to the chief's room where 7 or 8 civilian dressed men were waiting for me. They punched me, they slapped me on the face. They were demanding I tell them why I drove that graffiti and who I was in cohorts with. They beat me continuously. I eventually lost consciousness, I couldn't hear anything from all the beating".

"When I told them I have never even seen drug substance, they told me they cannot just arrest me for drawing graffiti. This upset them so they beat me harder. They threatened me they would rape me with police baton. So I had to tell them I did use drugs. I did everything they told me and wrote a letter. Then they told me that if I apologize from the statue, lay flowers and do all of this in front AzTV cameras they would let me go".

"When I refused to do so they continued to beat me."

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