Friday, May 13

I wish I died under the bombs of Syria...

I used to dream of watching the sea
I hate it now.
I wish I had died under the bombs in Syria
So that I wouldn't have to face all these deaths
Khaled Alkhamis, is among survivors of the Syrian war, that forced millions of Syrians to flee their homes in search for a life without bullets, bombs, and death. But instead as Khaled embarked on treacherous journey he has only found more pain, humiliation and even the hope together with the loved ones who died crossing the sea. 

Despite the calls of rights organizations for a safer passage little has been done in that direction. 

"This has happened because many more people are desperate to flee their countries to come to Europe to find a safe haven," Eva Cossé, a Greece-based researcher at Human Rights Watch (HRW), told Al Jazeera in a story that was published January 29, 2016, which was the deadliest month for refugees who lost their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean sea. "Even though the distance is small between the Aegean Islands and Turkey, currents are strong and overcrowded rubber boats can't carry that many people. People are wearing fake life jackets; if there is a shipwreck, people drown." added Cosse. 

Thousands of images and footage circulates daily on media of the plight, and the grim reality of mere desperateness of these men and women who are tired of war and do not want to die. 

But perhaps one of the most shocking images that made it across the world, was the one of a little boy, the three year old Alan Kurdi whose body was found on the shores of Turkey. Alan died together with his five year old brother. 

According to various reports Alan and his brother were among some 4000 refugees who died at sea and these are the numbers of which we know of, the bodies that have been accounted for.
Remembering these deaths and calling on European governments to not forget, an organization in Turkey called Support to Life teamed with TBWA/Istanbul to create what they call "Sea Cemetery". In their press statement the organization calls on "everybody to support refugees who only dream of an honorable life. The more people respond to our campaign, the less this sea cemetery will grow. And, even if it is just a drop in the ocean, it is support to life."

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