Saturday, March 5

Suicide in Azerbaijan is a problem and it won't disappear any time soon

Tovuz - 18 year old boy
Ismayilli - 21 year old boy
Baku - 70 year old woman
Zardab - 19 year old boy
Ganja - 29 year old man
Mazikh village - 50 year old woman
Lankaran - 47 year old woman

These are just a few of recently reported suicide cases spreading across the country. I wonder how many go down unreported. Probably enough because there is no official mechanism of reporting of suicides. In an interview with AzadliqRadiosu Psychologist Azad Isazade the suicide rate in the country been on the rise since 2011. 

Isazade says there is a new group however among the recent suicides. "This is the risk group of those with bank loans". 

While not all of the reported cases are linked to outstanding debt it is indeed no news that the second devaluation in the country wrecked and continues to wreck the lives of many. How many is difficult to estimate given there is no reliable data and the government body responsible of collecting data and statistics are notorious for their biased reporting. 

What is interesting however is that the government remains silent about it and is yet to raise red flags on the issue and really address the matter.

Perhaps the government is hoping that it's new informants will also help to tackle this problem...

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