Thursday, February 18

Ilham Bla Bla Aliyev

I was reading some news right now and couldn't stop myself from not sharing with you some of the quotes from President Ilham Aliyev's visit to one of Azerbaijan's regions today. 
The year 2016 will be a success in Azerbaijan in terms of socio-economic development
Despite the on-going world crisis,
Azerbaijan is also a space of stability, the country of development
But my favorite part was his throwback to his 2004 statement where he apparently said the development of Azerbaijan should depend on non-oil sector and so 12 years later,
So I am convinced that we will achieve this goal 
Someone should tell him that if he failed to develop the non-oil sectors in 12 years, it is unlikely with the economy in shambles and budgets depleted this "development" is going to be likely. 

Ah the good old president and his imaginary Azerbaijan. I wonder if he dreams of Tinkerbell with magic stick too. 


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

What you wrote, is a typical useless blah blah blah, indeed:-)

Unknown said...

Azerbaijan will survive together in any situation. Your writing is bla bla bla :)

Rubaba said...

I am not surprised that you understand them as bla bla bla