Wednesday, October 21

CIS observation mission in Azerbaijan

Vladimir Garkun, is the first deputy chairman of the executive committee of the CIS Secretary. 
These days he is in Baku to "review pre-election situation in Azerbaijan" reports a local newspaper Trend. 

But I can tell you what Mr. Garkun is going to say about the atmosphere already because CIS election observers have a great tradition of praising Azerbaijan's elections every time they swing by "to observe". 

In 2008, the CIS team published a report after its "monitoring" work concluding, "all conditions for the conduct of free, fair and democratic elections have been created in Azerbaijan". But their report should have said instead, all conditions for the conduct of biased, violated, undemocratic elections have been created in Azerbaijan. 

Just wait and see a similar report to come out if not with words such as "achievement", "development" and "democracy in full swing" or something of this sort. 

Sigh... here is to yet another set of undemocratic elections in Azerbaijan. 


Rashid Mammadov said...

You are so biased that you even don't want to accept the realities told by others about Azerbaijan.

Rubaba Mammadova said...

Whatever black campaign you will be doing against Azerbaijan, you won't be able to prevent its success!