Monday, March 2

Ali Hasanov's another ridiculous statement

Ali Hasanov, recently promoted minion, ehm... excuse me... government official proclaimed Azerbaijani media is free like a bird. The head of the political and public affairs department at the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration said the country cannot imagine its existence without free and independent media. 

Well Mr. Hasanov, I have got news for you - free and independent media imagines its existence without you! 

You didn't know?! I hate to break it to you but thats the truth. 

I thought you would know by now especially after you have managed along with other hard-working minions, ehm... excuse me yet again... government officials to shut down any independent media?! 

But I must say there is so much truth in your words like when you said "unverified, tendentious or ordered information make its way into media" - you of all people know how well this process works in Azerbaijan. 

But in case you think other countries might get misled by Azerbaijani news - do not worry. Pretty much everyone knows how you have silenced Azerbaijan's independent media and that all that's left isn't really media but a weak and pathetic platforms that I personally feel sorry about - because these so-called media platforms and those so-called journalists are nothing more but your apologists. Too bad for them. As they waste their lives being a tool in the hands of people like you. Although who knows, their salaries might be making them happy to be tools. In this case, too bad for their dignities. 

Oh and one more thing, since you are so worried about "humanity" as you mention in your speech, can you spare at least a bit of that and get our political prisoners out? Or your humanity is only enough for your international image?! Enough to recognized existence of political prisoners elsewhere but in your own country?! Yea, I thought so... That you lack the courage and what it takes to be a true politician is something that everyone knows and "not only in our country but throughout the whole world". 

Perhaps Mr. Hasanov, you take this advice: get a life and stop being a tool in someone's hands. Although you might be an already lost cause. 

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