Friday, March 21

President tweets while Prime Minister bans

As Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan moved ahead with a ban on Twitter ahead of the local elections scheduled to take place on March 30th, the President of Turkey Gul, does not share the same sentiments. 

Translation: "One cannot approve of the complete closure of social media platforms"

Whether its an attempt to play the good guy, is yet to be seen. Perhaps a step toward urging the Prime Minister to sack the court orders would show the true intentions. So far however, just a tweet.

Erdogan said he would ban Facebook and YouTube just few weeks ago. This time, without a warning though, except few fiery words at a campaign rally, PM vowed to shut down Twitter. And shut down he did- one of the "menace to society" as he called these platforms last summer is finally dealt with. Whats next?! A total Internet shut down?

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