Tuesday, December 17

Press Freedom Index 2013

Unintentionally I scrolled down. I knew Azerbaijan wont be anywhere in the high or middle ranking countries. If only Azerbaijani government wanted to strive to be first on every list, including one on press freedom. We are 156th among 179 countries (down by six places) ranked by Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index for 2013.

Why not strive to be like Finland? Or Norway? Alas, this wont be in line with our leadership's policies!

May I simply wish that as part of this New Year resolutions, the ruling party will make it its priority in setting an example of a country with highest standards of press freedom (and for real, without having to deny the truths and realities); release all of the imprisoned journalists, youth activists and promise a better future? 

Yes, childish and naive... Hey, its that time of the year when you could wish for anything...

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