Wednesday, October 9

The day of the elections

Its been an interesting morning. I went to my precinct to vote and observe elections. I was the only journalist- needless to say they all got a bit uncomfortable when the saw the camera in my hand. In fact even after registration, they questioned whether I was allowed to film and take photographs. Later one of the "chairs" at the precinct asked me to delete the footage below. The man in the camera taken out of the station is an independent observer. He was kicked out because "others" didn't like him filming with his camera all the time and peeking over their shoulders. He was gone just like that. 

Another independent observer from one of opposition parties was faced with my pressure from the rest of the women- I worked my charm, I guess they liked me, not so much her though. Anyway, i think they were all relieved as I left the station but I told them I will be back. 

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