Wednesday, May 22

Broadening horizons: Azerbaijan goes from silencing local NGOs to sponsoring international ones

Ah, Azerbaijan! The country of so many contrasts and surprises! Today, I learned that our "independent" Council on State Support to NGOs announced an open call for applications to international non governmental institutions especially from Europe and US. The applicants are encouraged to apply (boy, I am about to choke) with projects that focus on the following topics:
- protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms;
- combating against xenophobia, racism, and islamophobia;
- fostering peace and security and alleviation of negative consequences of regional conflicts
to name the few. 

How ironic isn't it?! While the country's own human rights record is deteriorating and freedoms are violated on daily basis, its open to support projects on these issues elsewhere. Instead of dealing with its own religious issues, it prefers to "sponsor" equality and respect elsewhere... 

And this is just in time after a new defamation provision. 

All is left for us to do is get some pop corn and watch where all this goes. Just beware that the Azerbaijani government might come after you, you never know how they interpret things- everything is conditional...

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Dv0rsky said...

I will definitely take a look - will get some money for good :)