Saturday, March 30

Should we be celebrating Novruz or any other holiday as a matter of fact

I realized just now that I never shared this post on March 21st and though its few days late, I still thought i share it today, when two more activists were arrested.
In a true holiday spirit I should have been feeling festive today. But I wasn't. I didn't feel like posting on facebook and wishing everyone Happy Novruz. And frankly given that some of our friends are held locked up on some fabricated, made up charges just because someone wants it that way I don't see a reason to be festive.

I think given the present situation we shouldn't have celebrated anything. Whats to point to celebrate when your friends are not with you? Or your family member is locked up? Or your close one is at the court somewhere being handed a sentence?

For our government and its officials and its keen supporters there is always a reason to celebrate however. Unlike us, the citizens, they are safe. They are happy. They are untouchable, no one dares to anger them. 

And even if someone does remotely anger them, its all easily dismissed, shaken off like the dust from the shoulders of a jacket. 

So yes, Azerbaijani government has plenty of reasons to celebrate, but we don't... Not this time...

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