Wednesday, March 13

Dialogue but only around election time

As I was reading this piece of news, I couldn't stop laughing. I am glad that our beloved Head of the Social and Political Department under the  Presidential Administration Ali Hasanov, remembered the existence of Azerbaijani opposition and also press (because at some point wasn't it Hasanov himself who claimed that there was no opposition whatsoever in Azerbaijan?!). In his comments during an event, the official was quoted saying:
A dialogue will be conducted with the opposition, press, political parties in Azerbaijan on the eve of presidential elections.
'Cuz there is no need for any dialogue prior to the elections?! And will this dialogue involve water canons and rubber bullets? Or will it be just about beating and torturing? Hmm... lets see, technically there is still time until the elections, so who knows, maybe there will be some special dialogue format organized in a place like Qobustan. I can tell you how its going to look. Opposition and independent press will be put in buses and taken to Qobustan, while political parties and other media will take their seats at one of the 5-Star hotels, sipping on their tea with lemon and laughing out loud applauding their recent dialogue with the opposition and the press and giving more press statements on the success of their diplomacy, the state of free media and prospering democracy. 

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