Wednesday, February 20

Pledging legions in Azerbaijaniwood?

Her brain might be shrinking and her heart might be crushing, but she continues to pledge her loyalty to the government. Sounds like some Hollywood movie?! Well then, welcome to Azerbaijaniwood an all inclusive heaven on earth. 

During most recent meetings with Guler Ahmadova (Gulergate scandal might ring a bell) her lawyer who also turns out to be a doctor on call said Ms. Ahmadova suffers from "increased heart ache and brain shrinkage (???)". Her lawyer complained that despite her health issues, she still hasn't seen a doctor to which instead of complaining, the ex- parliament member only said full of dignity- her loyalty to the government is eternal, even if that means living on with a failing heart and a shrinking brain. 

Speaking of shrinking brains, I looked it up, and unless Guler Ahmadova is suffering from cerebral atrophy (related to "shrinking brain" disorder), which given no earlier reports on that, she (and so are we) good to go. Especially now that her appeal was rejected.

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