Friday, February 15

Good timing?

I wrote earlier about President Aliyev fired up speech few days ago at the Baku Business Center- calling out on "spoiled" ministers, governors and other government officials, while playing down his own extravagant life style by "few" notches. 

And looks like those were not just empty promises. On February 14th, Gular Ahmadova, the hero of the Gulergate scandal, was finally arrested. Accused of selling a parliamentary seat for $1million Ahmadova was placed under house arrest until further investigation. She is now held in pre-trial detention where she will remain over the next two months. 

Ahmadov still claims that footage was a fluke despite there being several of these videos already released and circulated widely over the internet. 

And on another positive note, the governor of Ismayilli, was fired by the President himself. While at it, perhaps someone should suggest the President that he fires the rest of the governors too.

While these are the steps worth applauding, they mean little. As I wrote before, it is election time, and surely the President is going to do everything at his power to gain some extra points. Surely, these bonuses should not come so easy. After a decade long authoritarian rule, ruthless governing, one cannot all of a sudden miraculously change...

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