Monday, January 14

Azerbaijan, where cost of life= cost of taking part in a protest

The lucky number of protestors arrested during a rally in Baku organized online and attended by few thousands on January 12th received their "verdicts". Each of the lucky 24 activists, were fined, ranging from as little as 300AZN (~300EUR) to as high as 600AZN with the total of fines adding up to 11150AZN.

Below is the list of names and their fines.

1. Ebulfez Gurbanli-500 AZN
2. Babek Hesenov-600 AZN
3. Renad Najafov-600 AZN
4. Rashad Hasanov-600 AZN
5. Zakir Rehmanov-400 AZN
6. Vusal Bayramov-500 AZN
7. Tural Abbasli - 600 AZN
8. Ulvi Hesenli 600 AZN
9. Mehemmed Ibrahim 500 AZN
10. Isayev Hemid 500 AZN
11. Kazimzade Azer 400 AZN
12. Elisoy Eltac 300 AZN
13. Subhi Hesenov 400,
14. Turgut Gambar 500 azn
15. Abil Huseynov 400 azn
16. Rail Abbasov 300 AZN
17. Turkel Azerturk 600 AZN
18. Ramin Hacili 450 AZN
19. Tezexan Mirelemli 500 AZN
20. Rauf Memmedov 300 AZN
21. Firuz Agayev-300 AZN
22. Tural Hasanzade- 600 AZN
23. Anar Agammedov-300 AZN
24. Nurlan Bayramov-400 AZN

Incidentally, the government is ought to pay around 10000AZN to the family of Ceyhun, the soldier, whose death caused such reaction and led to the protests organized on Saturday. 

Whether it is a coincidence that the amounts are so close to each other is a mystery. 

The young men, all were fined under the new law on mass gatherings, as a result of which fines were increased 30fold. 

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