Wednesday, October 3

One statue for one renovated park

Over the last few years, one of the most bizarre attempts of Azerbaijan government has been "planting" statues of late President, Heydar Aliyev in various corners of the world for each renovated park the country invested in. Stretching from Serbia, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Romania, to Georgia, the host of the next monument is Mexico. Yes, Mexico City. Apparently, Azerbaijani government invested $5million in a renovation of two parks there.

Here you can find the map prepared by the Radio Liberty Azerbaijani service. 

View Heydər Əliyevin heykəlləri in a larger map

The website is asking to send photographs of monuments of Aliyev Senior elsewhere if anyone comes across them. 

Out of curiosity- USD5million is not a small amount. Have we renovated everywhere in Azerbaijan that we are investing in renovation projects across the world? Do all our remote villages have infrastructure the people need? Do they have electricity every day? And gas? Do they have running water? And what about their salaries? Or quality of life? Its apparent that another show off is more important than any of the above? But to say that its a gift from the people of Azerbaijan to the people of Mexico is going too far- I am positive none of the Azerbaijani people knew about the allocated money nor about the park so why on earth would Azerbaijani Ambassador to Mexico say this? An average Azerbaijani spends more of his/her time working, and trying to make ends meet needs rather than think of how he/she could show their appreciation to the people of the country across the ocean. 

Maybe I am mistaken. Maybe our people do think this way. Maybe thats all they think about in fact. I wonder which will next country be? China? Venezuela? Syria?

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