Monday, July 9

Azerbaijan wont host Olympic Games in 2020

Its a one thing to hear Azerbaijani top official aid talk about stellar democracy, human rights and freedom of expression record in this country and the country being an example to other European countries but its another thing when bought Europeans, like Burson- Marsteller (Brussels) tout for Azerbaijan "as a good place for the 2020 [Olympic] games" oh and its gets even better, because here are the reasons why: "because of its Olympic values of respect, excellence and fair play!"Man they are good with words!

It is no surprise that Azerbaijani government invests heavily in lobby firms in the US and Europe and this is just one of the examples of these fruitful investments. What Burson- Marsteller perhaps could not see coming (or maybe simply blown away by the generous sums of cash and maybe even caviar served on a golden platter with a souvenir box containing Azerbaijani air, the judgement ability was blurred) was  the International Olympic Committee might actually say no (oops! there goes the precious Azerbaijani people's money to nothing but who cares anyway when we have true democracy and a prospering nation).

Oh but its ok, because there will be plenty of other opportunities. If its not Olympics then there will be something else. After all, its not so hard to find something where money can be "strategically" outsourced...

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