Sunday, June 17

From presidency for life, to life long immunity- whats next for Azerbaijan? Life long police state?

It started with a Referendum in 2009 when Azerbaijani President, secured pretty much a presidency for life. But as this wasn't enough, in order to protect himself and his family from recent wave of criticisms and investigations targeting some of the personal and related shady businesses Azerbaijani Parliament (full of pro government puppets) passed two laws. From now on, the President and his family will have extensive immunity rights states one of the laws. The second law "bars government officials from distributing information about companies if doing so 'contradicts the national interests of Azerbaijan in political, economic, and monetary policy, the defense of public order, the health and moral values of the people, or harms the commercial or other interests of individuals."

How is this "necessary" I am not sure, so I am wondering whether the lawyer, Alasgar Mammadli,  didn't have any more concrete explanations apart from stating that "country's political landscape makes such protections necessary"? I thought we were a transparent democracy?!

Anyway, it is obvious that these new changes in our legislation are surely only meant to further embed the authoritarian rule in Azerbaijan and to limit advocates in their attempts to uncover the corrupted nature of most of the Azerbaijani leadership. What will be next? Asking for a permission to speak (though this too ain't far from becoming a reality- as those who speak of what is happening in the country are either "drug addicts", "traitors" or "hooligans")? I guess we'll see soon... how our country turns into a police state.

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