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Azerbaijan and the theory of broken windows

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I was reading "The Tipping Point: how little things can make a big difference" by Malcolm Gladwell and came across what is known as the theory of "broken windows". Now originally this theory is more known in criminology but given Azerbaijani state is run by well arranged "mafia" like structures I felt this theory also applied in this country and to how things are done here.

In the book the theory is described in the following way:
[...] crime is the inevitable result of disorder. If a window is broken and left unrepaired, people walking by will conclude that no one cares and no one is in charge. Soon, more windows will be broken, and the sense of anarchy will spread from the building to the street on which if faces, sending a signal that anything goes[...]
This is how I interpreted this theory in the case of Azerbaijan. Consider broken windows as human lives/ human beings. Every time there is a human right violation taking place the authorities see no resistance (at least on a much larger scale and I am not referring to the reaction that comes from abroad because I consider it as an external element in this particular analysis) on the ground and continue harassing protestors, rally organizers, activists, and journalists. Because there is no significant resistance on the ground, the authorities feel empowered and continue with their humiliation and intimidation. By continuing repression and facing no retaliation there forms a sense of anarchy described in the book- police feels empowered, they face no restrictions, thugs beat up activists with no repercussions and etc. The whole process turns into a vicious cycle of violence that becomes limitless and untouchable.

Perhaps this is a far stretch for this theory and its applicability but it was interesting to place it in this kind of framework.  

Surely, Azerbaijani authorities prefer their own version of dictatorial anarchy where they run a show of glitz and glamor while suffocating the rest of its people... An image just formed in my mind- a graveyard of 9million people with Ilham Aliyev and his family standing in the middle happy and satisfied with their accomplishment.

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