Wednesday, April 18

Idrak Abbasov- another journalist attacked and severaly beaten

Here is an image showing journalist Idrak Abbasov beaten today and who is currently hospitalized for his injuries. His attackers are free, probably looking for their new pray. 

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Ironically today was the day Idrak Abbasov received the Guardian journalism prize at the Index on Censorship free expression award.

The reason for his attack- simple and straightforward. He was doing something that wasn't pleasing to the employees and representatives of the State Oil Company (SOCAR). His attack is only one of the many and those to come in Azerbaijan, a country where democracy and freedom prospers on daily basis if you listen to some of the official statements.

This is a perfect example of prospering freedom in this case- anyone could basically beat up anyone- that is the notion and understanding of freedom...

OSCE just issued a statement regarding the beating. Read the full statement here.

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