Saturday, February 18

Who says Eurovision is just about glitz and silly pop songs?

No no, I won't be writing about the positive qualities for Eurovision song contest, because honestly I don't see any. Its a silly contest for those bored out of their minds and not knowing where to spend their energy... Or something like that... 

Its all about cheesy love songs, break up songs, relationship songs, more love songs, every once in a while life songs but at the end of the day all of these songs we can listen to (for those of course who prefer listening to this kind of music) anywhere else. 

But back to the point. I came across this video earlier today calling for release of all Azerbaijani political activists who are currently in jail serving their sentences for something that is their given right- freedom of expression. And so the video is basically asking for support for something that is far more valuable than just another glitzy show performance.

Freedom for Azerbaijan's political prisoners from ELDR party on Vimeo.

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