Thursday, November 17

'The spring that never blossomed: freedoms suppressed in Azerbaijan'

And finally, Amnesty International's new report on Azerbaijan is pubic. "Azerbaijan: the spring that never blossomed- freedoms suppressed in Azerbaijan" can be accessed at the Amnesty International's website here:

The report only shows how far Azerbaijani authorities can go to silence its dissent. The deputy director of Amnesty International in Europe and Central put it very well: "Azerbaijan has achieved the bones but not the meat of a democracy [...]"

There are full accounts of the spring protests, as well as numbers of those arrested, detained, and sentenced as a result. 

I fully agree when the report concussions, one of which stresses the role of oil and gas and its significance  for the international community while basic freedoms only being a matter of secondary importance. 

You can read the report here as well or access and download it through Amnesty's website and the links provided above.