Monday, September 26

Child marriage

It was on one of my visits to Azerbaijan for field work, when I met young girls still in school, engaged, waiting to get married. Child marriage is a problem everywhere across the world. In countries like Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and elsewhere this is considered a common practice. The younger the bride, the better is the common thinking. No one thinks of their future, their education, their life as young mothers- to- be. 

This documentary takes us on a journey of child marriage and abuse. All the while men in most of these countries including Azerbaijan get special satisfaction in luring young girls into the world of abuse, anger and pain. We must take responsibility for our actions. Parents of these young girls who get engaged or married off at a young age, must take responsibility and understand that a girl, is not a thing to be sold for money, food or a house. A daughter is a human being too who has equal rights as her brothers. We must continue raising awareness and educating those who don't know...

You can learn more about the project here.


Serewis said...

I do not know if the European civilization is so "noble" that it rejected child marriage. From out perspective all the men of east, who participate in this are considered paedophiles - and not only from the point of view of culture but also of law.
But on the other hand 800 year ago Poland was the same. King Jadwiga [sic!], who was the only female ruler of Poland was 12 when she married Jagiełło, who was at that time 40 or something,

arzu geybulla said...


I think thats a perspective that every educated person has, or should have about men marrying young girls. But what about the parents of the girl? Are they too considered pedphiles in this case or they are just child right abusers? Don't know. Its a very complex issue, and yet so simple. If only, families (and not only of young girls but also boys) realized and understood the importance of this act. But its hard to change decades if not centuries old traditions. We would be surprised to know how many people in this world are backward and are not accepting any of the changes let alone understand notions of rights.

And thank you for sharing this very interesting fact. I had no idea.

Anonymous said...