Thursday, August 18

SOCAR's new plans

According to an article on Trend, the State Oil Company otherwise known to many as SOCAR intends reconstruction work of some of the country's old gas pipelines, construction of new ones and even improving gas supply to the regions. These new plans are part of the State Program on Azerbaijan's socio- economic development for 2009- 2013.
Under the program, Azerigaz (SOCAR's Production Unit) is instructed to construct and reconstruct main gas pipelines, improve gas supplies to the regions, new settlements, and to rehabilitate and reconstruct facilities for electrochemical protection of main gas pipelines and the electricity sector.
Sounds awful lot to me, especially if its completion date is set for 2013, but who knows, perhaps with a stroke of a miracle, our far out villages will to see gas in their homes, stop using wood and coal for heating and Azerbaijani children will have heating in their village schools and things will start getting better?

Who knows... we shall see in few years... 

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