Friday, July 22

Some "polite" male users of Facebook in Azerbaijan (updated)

The user Orkhan's Facebook and Twitter accounts were hacked, hence the message. Thank you Orkhan for letting me know, and everyone else, including Adnan and Ilkin who helped to clear this up. 


Roxanne said...

Ugh, I am sorry you had to deal with this... I am going through FB and removing users I do not know well/placing them on limited profile too.

I hope your week was beautiful! I miss your smiling face!

arzu geybulla said...

Yea, me too, but oh well. I should do that too, otherwise I am afraid there might be more similar messages in inbox.

My week was nice, though very tiring. I was away working with Armenian and Azerbaijani young people as part of Imagine Center's dialogue. And leaving this weekend for another project planning meeting.

I hope you too had a nice week and even better weekend :)

I miss you too!

Serewis said...

Just make a fanpage of your blog. Then you'll get rid of all of those haters. I always try to have aprox. 150 "friends" on facebook. I delete those whom I don't meet or write.

arzu geybulla said...

thank you for the advice

Orxan said...

Arzu I am Orkhan Cybermilli and my twitter and facebook account has been hacked. I am sorry..

arzu geybulla said...

Salam Orkhan,

Thank you for leaving the comment and clarifying.
I am sorry your account was hacked too.