Tuesday, June 14

His name is number 5

Few days ago, I read a story. The story was about one man's freedom. It was about E. being held emotionally captive despite him being physically free. In the story, E. despite this captivity embraces the world and the circumstances as they are. He doesn't give up. He simply looks at it from a different angle. He knows that at the end of the day, its not about where you are but its about who you are and that freedom can be a number of different things used or attained also through other means.

The story is called "My name is No.5" and the author of the story is a my friend and (as I have learned at the School of Authentic Journalism in Mexico in Spanish) a un compaƱero! You can read the story in its original version here [AZ] 

Emin was accepted to the John Smith Fellowship Program this year. In fact, he was accepted to the program last year, when he was still in prison and due to exceptional circumstances, the program postponed his attendance to the following year. And so Emin was getting ready to go to Edinborough. But he couldn't. Because despite being free, he is only conditionally free.

I would like to share few excerpts from his story that inspired me to write this post (as translated from the original version):
I was free this year but conditionally. I was understanding what conditional freedom meant only conditionally. Conditional freedom reminded me of "being a little bit pregnant [...]
I got excited when I reached the airport. It was the first time in two years that I was at the airport. I consider this place sacred as it connects us with the rest of the world. This is our air gateway to the world. Those who want to see us and those who want to save themselves pass through here [...]
They looked at each other. Then after the woman looked at me she turned toward her approaching colleague and slowly lowered her head. I understood everything. They were talking about me [he was number 5]. That day, I couldn't fly anywhere. After picking up my luggage, I got into a car, and drove to the seaside. I was gazing at the sea as I sipped my tea... I wasn't rushing anywhere.  
My companero, though I might be far to support you, I here for you! 
And below is a song written by another talented young man, also inspired by Emin's story. Lyrics are available here.

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