Wednesday, May 4


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is what I feel like yelling every time I read of yet another unjust imprisonment or humiliation or violation of basic rights in Azerbaijan. And its how I felt yelling today too as I heard how another youth activist and a member of one of the opposition parties, Jabbar Savalan was sentenced to 2.6 years on charges for illegal possession of drugs. 

Jabbar was arrested several months ago on February 5th, after publicly announcing on Facebook a "day of rage" inspired by what was happening in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere. 

The lawyer, Asabali Mustafayev of a 19 year- old activist says allegations against his defendant were "groundless" and complete falsification as many activists and human right defendants argue. 

Outside the court room, in Azerbaijan's second largest city Sumgayit, activists and supporters chanted "Freedom" as they heard the verdict. Police reaction was quick (as it always is)- seven protestors were arrested and few journalists received body injuries.  

Immediately following the decision, the country's deputy of the Human Rights commission at the National Parliament Rabiyyat Aslanova [AZ] explained that in Jabbar's case, an independent court ruled the decision and that all the details were evaluated. In no way, in Aslanova's words, the court could have made subjective decision, "its not possible" she added. She also noted that its time stop criticizing decisions made by the Azerbaijani courts. 

The very same "objective, transparent and honest" court imprisoned other activists and journalists, including the two bloggers whose immediate release was called upon by a number of influential international institutions. I guess, the "honest" court system Mrs. Aslanova is talking about exists only in her imagination because in reality, Azerbaijani courts are just as corrupted as anyone else including Rabiyyat Aslanova who can make statements as such while heading HUMAN RIGHTS commission. 

I ask you Rabiyyat Xanim, how many more people will have to get arrested, killed, beaten, and humiliated? Will you speak the same words if tomorrow someone close to you gets arrested and imprisoned? Will you still continue boasting of "lawful and just" system of Azerbaijani courts? I doubt it, because if one day that happens, maybe then you will finally become human again. Maybe then, you would finally stop lying again. Maybe then, you will finally do your job as the head of the Human Rights Commission. Maybe... Maybe not... After all, in your world not everyone is entitled to freedom, and certainly not everyone is entitled to living the live they want without pressure, intimidation and fear of being arrested or else one day...

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Исламист said...

С такими тварями как Рабият мы обойдемся по справедливости жестко. Придет ее день тоже, иншАллах.