Tuesday, March 29

When new technology becomes dictator's toys

We all know the drill- in dictatorships, or countries short of democracy, anything related to new technology might be used against you. Because its all seen as a potential treat to the ruling party. Its a simple procedure that is universal pretty much anywhere where circumstances "call for action". In such places, it is likely that your twitter feed, or blog or website may actually by the cause of your arrest, beating or something else. Its no big news, that in places as this, government uses filtering services to monitor what is shared with the rest of the world.

The Open Net Initiative launched a report 'West Censoring East: the use of western technologies by Middle East Censors 2010- 2011'. According to the report's conclusions:
[...] the authors find that nine countries in the region utilize Western- made tools for the purpose of blocking social and political content, effectively blocking a total of over 20 million internet users from accessing such websites.
Below you can read the full report:


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