Friday, February 18

'What do you believe in?'

This is Adnan's first video following his release from prison. Its called "What do you believe in?". I wanted to share it because, I think its an important question to ask and attempt to answer it. What do we believe in? I believe in myself, in freedom, in life that I build around me together with my friends and family. I believe in expression- whatever the way it is that one likes to express oneself- singing, writing, drawing, dancing, I believe in colors because they add feelings and emotions. 

The video is in Azerbaijani, but here is briefly what people interviewed in the video are saying in no particular order- I believe in:
myself, my personal freedom of expression, like- minded people, beliefs, friendship, everyone, good will of a person, in people and their ability to make a change, soul, nothing, freedom, human rights, democracy, peace, equality, person's will, everything that is beautiful, God, honesty, improvisation, truth, moving, non- violence, being surrounded by people you feel comfortable around, sleeping rights... 

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