Friday, January 7

An incredible escape story

[...] Up into the mountains they rode in deep snow and bitter cold, through a maze of smugglers’ trails. “Around and around we went,” Vahedi says, apparently in an attempt to avoid the border guards. “There were wolves walking around us just 10 yards away. One [smuggler] had a stick, and he said, ‘Don’t be scared.’ ” Along the path, Vahedi spotted a dead horse, seemingly recently killed by a bullet in its side. He learned that horses know the route by rote, so smugglers will sometimes load contraband on their backs and send them down the mountainside on their own [...]
This is just one part of a great article i was reading earlier today in LA Times Magazine. But its not really an article but more of a story of one man- Dr. Hossein G. Vahedi- and his escape that reminds the reader of something out of a movie or adventure novel. Anything but surely not a real story. What makes this story even more interesting is its connection to recent bomb- WikiLeaks. This is how the article in fact starts:
Buried within WikiLeak's exposed secretes is one L.A. dentist's great horseback escape.
Since, I don't want to spoil the story, I would simply suggest to visit this link and read the story yourselves as it is truly incredible and very real.

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