Sunday, January 23

Have you heard of Sourcefabric?

Journalism Postcard
What is Sourcefabrcic?

According to its Facebook page Info section Sourcefabric
is a non- for- profit organization that enables quality journalist worldwide through open source software and services. 
To many of you know who does know it, Sourcefabric was formerly known as Campware and is currently based in Prague, Berlin and Toronto. 

Their team is available for 
consultation, implementation, software development, training, long- term support, harware installation, hosting and anything else that helps media organizations achieve their goals. 
This and much more you can read on Sourcefabric's website

Journalism Postcard
Why am I writing about this? Well, first because two people whom I had the privilege to meet and get to know through my work, Douglas Arellanes and Jakub Gornicki are part of this interesting project and these are my two cents in spreading the word :) And second, I couldn't not share this new kid on the block.

Their two main products- Airtime and Newscoop- open new and old doors for journalists and all those who say journalism is out as its their way to say that journalism is in fact back, that its pretty cool and innovative even. 

So prepare yourself some coffee, get over here and start reading this contribution to journalist world and hope you enjoy it!

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