Friday, October 22

Update: New Visa Regulations for Azerbaijan

Yesterday I caught this link on Twitter feed and couldn't not share it. Richard Norman, writes of his experience flying to Baku right after the new visa regulations were passed in the country. What turns into a nightmare, his recollection of the whole trip (he was traveling from Ukraine to Baku) is unfortunately sad. 

Here is a brief clipping of the post, which you could read here:

The staff at the desk watch me fill in the visa application form and attach two passport photos to it and I present the documents and the necessary cash. 
'I am sorry, no visas'. Fark
'Why not?'
'From today we are not issuing visas on arrival to foreigners unless they have written authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a letter of invitation'. Double fark.
'Did you inform anyone of this? The airline was told that visas would be issued on arrival'

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