Friday, October 1

London cabs, exaggerated promo videos and lives of barons in Azerbaijan

In a little more than a month, Azerbaijan will head to the polls in the parliamentary elections scheduled for November 7th. And while much of the country's pressing problems- human rights violations, limited freedom of speech, violence against women, journalist and bloggers behind bars- remain unrecognized, the authorities instead focus on much more important things. 

For instance, purchasing London style Cabs for the booming capital. So far, only 12 of these cabbies have been purchased. Their testing was done by no other than the president himself. Of course He cares for the safety of his people, so we couldn't have expected less. 

Funny, how little do international as well as English human rights institutions statements mean in this country and yet when it comes to luxury, much of European and English couture is imported immediately.  

Oh well, lets see who will be riding those taxies as I doubt a pensioner with 85EUR a month will be able to afford that cab ride. Nor will any of the majority of folks living in the capital. I guess thats what luxury is for, its just never meant for everyone. 

Ah, lives of barons, if only it was possible to sneak in and see how they go on by their daily lives. The life must be so tough on them- driving in fancy cars, wearing luxury cloths, not caring, not thinking, occasionally having to speak here and there empty words, granting empty promises. 

Oh, and then those Azerbaijan promotion ads, all they show are parks and olympic centers and then more parks, and more olympic centers.

Thats the life in Azerbaijan... Who cares about human rights when you have Burberries and Channels because its so much important, so much more valuable... 

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