Thursday, October 14

Happy Birthday My Dear Friend!

Today, Emin turns 31. But he wont have a birthday celebration with his friends and family. Instead, he will be celebrating his new age behind bars at a prison facility in Azerbaijan. On November 11th its going to be a year since Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizada were officially sentenced to imprisonment on faked charges of hooliganism.

Since then much has been voiced with regard to their personalities, activities, lives. There were those who supported their imprisonment, saying they deserved the sentence. Others raised their concerns. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter, who says what, how, and when. What remains to be important is that both Emin and Adnan were individuals just like any of us. Who had their own beliefs, ideas, values and passion for things, some will never understand. They wanted to make a difference, something many people won't dare of doing because of the fear of being different from the rest. 

They are men of courage and truth. And that is a fact and will remain so for many of their friends and supporters. Unlike many other "official" hooligans, thieves, criminals, they didn't buy their way out. They chose to be fare and just but no one cared about that because there is one thing that judicial or any other power in Azerbaijan cares about and its money. And the more, the better. So while Vusal and Babek (the alleged victims of the attack Emin and Adnan were framed under) got out because they were paid to do so, our friends were arrested.

And that is the truth about Azerbaijan- there is no decency left. And it doesn't matter how many billions of dollars one spends to make the country look pretty, because no money will hide the ugly reality and truth the country lives in. Its a one big lie covered with fake truth!

Happy Birthday my dear friend! I want to wish you many happy returns but in freedom and in a country hopefully that will change one day...

Political prisoners in Azerbaijan- Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizada- Radio Netherlands Worldwide 

Support video prepared by friends of Adnan and Emin

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