Wednesday, October 6

Another couple of millions down the drain- what a waste!

You know, Azerbaijan never stops surprising me. This is the second time this week- first with purchasing of London cabs and now this [AZ]. Azerbaijan will now have a musical flame- shaped fountain. 

Presented to the President at the Baku City Executive Committee's office (Ex-com) just a week ago, the project will be constructed by several companies, among which are German Schott Glass and UK- based Aspinalls (T.P. Aspinall and Sons Ltd.), and other UK and Italian based companies.

The flame fountain is supposed to be 60 meters high and built on some kind of special concrete base. Similar fountains were built in Dubai, Japan and the US (though I failed to find anything resembling on google). 

And the price?! Well, thats something nobody seems to know yet. Estimated price however stands somewhere between 15 million to 200 million dollars. 

Well, I am just looking forward to the next ridiculous, unworthy, money waste projects this country will continue signing up for...


Tahmina said...

ujaaas..((((kuda katitsa Azerbaydjan..(((((((

Anonymous said...

Nado je kak to otmivat ;)

Anonymous said...

There is something similar in the US, but I doubt it cost that much.

It is also called "The Shaft" by students... which is somewhat appropriate in this case too.

Anonymous said...

nowhere near that much