Tuesday, July 27


Before writing this post, I was thinking that my first blog entry after a long break will be on something fun and positive. I was thinking of writing about a recent skate boarding competition I watched in Istanbul, or maybe few words on my honeymoon spent in Barcelona, or even something about summer in Istanbul... Basically something light. But in the light of today's events, I will postpone the fun posts and get right to business.

Today, as Reporters Without Borders report, "a court in the Baku district of Garadag refused to grant [Adnan] Hajizada the early conditional release for which he qualified after completing half of his 24- month sentence" (Adnan was sentenced to two years and Emin to two years and six months based on false allegations in the summer of last year for those who don't know). 

The release was opposed by no other than successful businessman (who lost his brains in a very dark dark place) a.k.a. prison director himself Ali Nabiyev and his lovely puppy deputy (whose name shall not be named (taken from the Harry Potter movie)). 

The reason so nicely worded by someone who probably does or doesn't (who cares after all) have brains reads" [Adnan's release was opposed] on the grounds that he [Adnan] was conflictive, did not do enough prison work and met with his lawyer too often". I would like to get your attention on the last reason: "met with his lawyer too often" (which by no means, means that I am dismissing other reasons stated, not at all its just absurdity of the last one got my attention) and tell me who sets boundaries and rules as to how many times "prisoners" can meet their lawyers?! Oh I know, maybe because our dearest Mr. Nabiyev was expecting significant bride to top up his valuables stack underneath his bed but when he learned that he wont get any penny he decided to get his own revenge?! Or he has been already served and is simply doing his noble, truly devoted job?! 

Who knows.... The fact remains the fact... Adnan and Emin are still in prison, Azerbaijani authorities don't give a damn thing about human rights let alone freedom of speech and guess what?! All the international organizations please stand up and bow because no one cares about what they say either! Here is Azerbaijan! ("Bura Azerbaycandir!" taken from OL's sequence of videos). 


Yusif said...

I guess you meant briBe in the text :) Do you really think that this issue could be resolved by offering some money to the prison director? You are too naive, if you do so.

arzu geybulla said...

@Yusif, thanks for pointing out!
no, actually i don't and i don't believe in bribes overall and i think its totally unethical and in this case bribe was never an issue. what i meant to say was that these people (prison heads) are so used to money business (and i believe they have been also dealt with by someone higher up to say all those silly things they said at the court) that seeing a case like this was totally unusual for them. i am not naive man, and thanks for the comment