Tuesday, May 4

Bellies wrapped in uniforms

Azerbaijani police lives good. Thats why perhaps its police officers enjoy having big bellies. Though big is softly said, perhaps, it would suit more to use huge bellies. 

Every time I see one, I feel disgusted, I don't know why but maybe it is because I know what lives they live- corrupt, fake, and filthy.

Azerbaijani police can do anything- beat, bribe, steal, shout, humiliate, use force and violence and even murder if its needed. 

Try driving around downtown during rush hour, and you will definitely hear a voice shouting "Ada sur sur sur" (hey you (roughly translated) drive drive drive). Every time I hear that I feel like I am hearing a dog barking. These people would rarely approach you politely, wish you a good day and ask for your driving license.

I guess they like to eat and be fed. Though it doesn't matter by whom or what. As long as its big, fat, greasy, and expensive.

They love speeding down on main streets of Baku almost hitting over innocent people and yet manage to stop your car and accuse you of a violation you never did.

Its strange, but while people should be trusting their lives to the police, I don't! I consider them biggest animals in the capital, living off people.

To me, Azerbaijani police is dishonest and fake and it hasn't done much to prove me otherwise...

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David A. said...

Arzu, I'm afraid it's nearly the same throughout whole Eastern Europe. That's even obvious nowadays. :S