Sunday, April 18

Government's revenge

According to a recent article published on (in azeri) prisons where both Emin and Adnan were sent are some of the worst of prisons in Azerbaijan. Moreover, the article argues, this is government's revenge on bloggers.

The two facilites are located far from downtown Baku, which means their parents will have to travel long distance to visit their sons.

Prison number 14, where Emin Milli was sent, is 120 kilometers from Baku. I would also like to mention that Emin's father currently is at the hospital where he was sent last week. His mother now, is taking care of her husband and is struggling to see her son.

The article sees this move as government's uncaring attitude towards the whole case, especially now that many international organizations are aware of the incident.

Will see what will be the next steps taken up by the authorities.

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