Thursday, February 18

Today, I feel inspired...

Being inspired is a great feeling. And everyone needs inspiration- writers, doctors, lawyers, accountants. We need inspiration every day when we go to work, when we go through our usual chores, when we meet our friends. Perhaps we don't realize it but it is an integral part of our being.

And for me inspiration is like a drug. Every post that appears here comes from an inspiration. I might see an old woman begging for money every morning on my way to work and get inspired; or I might read an article in a magazine and get inspired. It doesn't matter at the end of the day what it is, the point is being inspired and putting that feeling into use.

Today, I feel inspired. Today, I feel like I can save the world and so today, I would like to write about future full of inspiration.

When we are little, we want to quickly grow up. We look with jealousy at grown ups, thinking that one day, we too are going to be like them. Have a job, family, friends. But most importantly we think that once we grow up we are going to be free and independent. We will do whatever we want and stop asking for permissions.

For some or the most in fact, this childhood dream comes true. We graduate from school, leave for college, get a job, find the partner we want to spend the rest of our lives with, we move out and start our own lives.

And sometimes we all face challenges, sometimes things get tough but we learn how to deal with them, we grow older, we see that things are not always black and white and we continue to live.

Amidst everything taking place in our lives, we still hope for good things because otherwise there wont be a point. We hope that once we go through pain, get hurt, see injustice, we become bulletproof. We hope our friends will help us, we'll help each other.

I have a friend, who inspires me every time I see her. She is a strong, smart, intelligent woman with a great sense of humor. Despite her young age, she has achieved so much and I am proud of her. And though she might not know that, she is my source of inspiration. Every time I look at her, I get the words "Never give up! Stay strong!".
Today, I feel inspired...


Nargiz said...

I relate to every single word of this post!! Amazing!

Nargiz said...

I relate to every single word of this post!! Amazing!

arzu geybulla said...

Dear Nargiz,

I am glad, thank you for the comment.

IvanD said...

Dear Arzu,

A common friend shared your blog with me. As I read "Today, I feel inspired..." I could not help but feel inspired. I wonder if this common friend is the one that inspires you... as she does me.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts.



arzu geybulla said...

Hi IvanD,

Wonder who that friend is? :)
I am glad this post inspired you, as I hope it inspires others who read it. It was indeed a special day for me, and I felt like putting it down into words.
Sometimes I wish, I continued with my music career and start composing music :)

Thank you for a very nice comment,


Anonymous said...

And today, dear Arzu, you inspired ME.

I hope we will have a chance to meet at the upcoming Social Media for Social Change conference in Tbilisi :)

arzu geybulla said...

Hi Adrineh,

I am sooo glad! Yes, looking forward to that!!! :)))

Anonymous said...

Dear Arzu!

Inspiration coming from natural environment around, humans, things is not more that a second's blow. Not only today, yesterday, tomorrow, several days ago but always we dare to inspire, cause Allah allowed us to live this day......Allaha shukur..... this second at least.