Friday, February 12

"Double standards or fair approach"

This is one of my recent articles, written for an Italian think tank, media and research center- Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso.

More on the institution here:

I have been writing for them since May 2009.

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Anonymous said...


1st. Nice article.

2nd. Although... for those who live in the Southern Caucasus, there is nothing new. It is a reality here, at least maybe some others would learn something.

3rd.I've got only one question regarding the following passage:
"...Democratic notions that exist in Georgia are absent in Azerbaijan (given the leadership in the country)..." Do you really think that it is all about leadership or political elite? I would argue that up till now, our people are not ready for democracy, even if it is a sad truth. That's why we trade off democracy with political and economic stability. About NK, it is just not Russia's "fault", consider it as a cancer that Armenia and Azerbaijan both have, and leaders (regardless of who they are) are doctors. If you get rid of the cancer, considering all other social and economic problems as small scratches, there will be no need for a doctor. This is such a great political opportunity. I know it is a stupid comparison, however it has a point.:) Also, ZERO TOLERANCE fact is a strategy for having a better win-set while negotiating, it insures no backing up for any of countries.For a conflict resolution, it is a bad thing. But for those who "negotiate" ....again comes "cancer" problem. :)



Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention something, I've pointed out the importance of the Consitution within other comments....the bottom line is, according to new amendments president's office terms are "unlimited during the war time"..."extended for uncertain period during the war operations" bla bla bla, officialy we are in the war, so everything is legal democratic and constitutional! :)
Question: Who would like to end a war that guarantees the unlimited period of power?!