Wednesday, January 14

Talking about human rights, let alone women rights!

In modern, civilized world, when one of the family members cheats (or does something along these lines), the most common way to act, is a divorce, unless you decide to forgive the other side and give that person another chance. Unfortunately, thats not how it works in Iran. 

Over the last few weeks, Iran (and pretty much the rest of the world thanks to internet worldwide news), witnessed a different way (can I just say barbaric?) to punish those who have committed family betrayal. Many Iranians were gathered to participate in what they (Iranian Judiciary) see as an active way of punishment- throwing stones at the 'sinner', beating him/her to death. What is even more unfortunate is that most of these victims are women. 

According to Iranian Penal Code, death penalty is still practiced. 

No wonder, why, Iranian police closed human rights group in December. According to BBC, the governments' argument was "the center was acting as an illegal political party, and had contacts with local and foreign organizations" (i guess having contacts is also a crime). 

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