Tuesday, January 23

Once upon a time, in an Aliyev land...

Once upon a time, in an Aliyev land, run by an Aliyev clan,
lived a society, oblivious to a plan
that an Aliyev clan will diminish their worth in a span
of just two decades, give or take.

But wait for a sec.!
For some, we are still a democracy,
Even if everyone knows its all a hypocrisy. 

We never knew a democracy,
We only knew of it,
In books, stories, and memories
From those who saw it, felt it, and lived it.

For us, on the other hand,
Little is left to demand.
Our voices are muzzled.
While our minds are hustled,
for even trying to dream and imagine
a future free from
lies, corruption, and nepotism.

So instead, we are stuck in a world of cynicism. 

Today, another activist went to jail,
Her cell is cold while she is frail.
She has spent her lifetime fighting but to no avail,
For she was not liked by those above
For she said things, under the thumb of
Those who hated her, and others like her

And there are more like her.
Forced behind bars, both physically and mentally.
In a country, where arrests have become a matter of revenge
On anyone who tried expressing their rage.

And so it ends, the story of a society, oblivious to a grand plan
That was in the making by Aliyev clan
Welcome, to a la la land
of amputated spirits, marching their way, to the unknown.

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