Wednesday, February 3

Suicide records soar in Azerbaijan

Hanging, self immolation, are some of the desperate ways Azerbaijanis are ending their lives because they are unable to take care of their families and pay off bank loans especially as the country hit its second devaluation in just one year. 

This time, it was a resident of Shirvan, 43-year-old Safayet Aghayev who hung himself in the garden of the house where he lived. His wife found the body. In his suicide letter Safayet said he was unable to find a job and had much debt. 

Another attempt to suicide took place in Aghcabedi. This time, a 52-year-old woman let herself ablaze due to outstanding debt. 

 In Lokbatan, young man, just 27 years old, hung himself inside the garage. 

An in another settlement, 39 year old Aynur Khanjanova hung herself. 

On January 23, Asim Mammadov, actor at Mingachevir State Drama Theater attempted suicide. The actor said he has 15,000USD in loans he cannot pay back. 

Another resident self immolated on January 19. Gulara Hasanova died of her wounds. 

And on January 13, Zafar Guliyev was found dead having hung himself from a tree. On the same day 34-year-old Goshgar Ashurov committed suicide by throwing himself under a train in Baku metro. 

And these are just reported deaths from the month of January [for some of the cases mentioned above, the reasons are yet unknown]. A series of attempts and deaths also took place last year.

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