Thursday, May 7

When mouthpiece of a repressive regime gets intimidated by a "young lady"

After writing about my encounter with the two mouthpiece representatives of Azerbaijani pro-government media, I thought I give you the chance to really experience the absurdity of that situation. So I share with you the video recording from that infamous session when I, "young lady" was making "biased" interventions when talking about Azerbaijan where as my friend Yara Badr said later "birds are singing" and everything is better than anywhere else in the world. 

For the record, I was born and raised in Azerbaijan unlike what Hidayet bey claims. 
Also for the record, Hidayet bey was inquiring about my life, my work, my upbringing shortly after when both of these men "invited" me to their table over coffee break to really "inform" me about who they are and once again "remind" me that I had no idea about the state of Azerbaijani media. 

But more on this specific encounter later. 

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