Saturday, May 16

Azerbaijan striving to be world's tallest - literally at everything it can

There were many attempts before this one, like the world's tallest flag pole with Turkmenistan outdoing us by just few meters in few months time (here is a great story by VICE on the construction company that actually builds these things in many other authoritarian regimes); then I believe it was SOCAR's new building (although I am not sure of what) but this is something even better. 

I hereby share with you a video by The Daily Conversation about Azerbaijan's tallest building project. And if you want to freshen up your memory a bit, here is a story from the New York Times that would give you some background on the building (this is not new, the news of this project were already circulating in the media circa 2012).

The voice over is just great. No need for extra comments.


Saint Facetious said...

800,000 people?! From where?!

Arzu Geybulla said...

haha! good question ;)