Thursday, March 14

Ruslan Asad and Rashad Hasanov interrogated today

UPDATED (March 15):
According to Rashad Hasanov's lawyer, Asabali Mustafayev, Rashad is facing a possible 8 years of imprisonment if found guilty on charges of illegal weapons possession. In addition according to Khadija Ismayil, from Baku, Hasanov is refused his right to see a lawyer. Supporters are afraid he might be tortured and forced to publicly accept his "crime" as it was the case with previous three N!DA members.

Ruslan Asad was just released. He was questioned by the prosecutor. It is likely that he will be summoned again for more questioning tomorrow. He was not mistreated. This interrogation shouldn't have been surprising, following a notoriously misleading piece written by once-upon-time prisoner of conscience, journalist Eynulla Fatullayev about NDI's alleged two million dollar financial support to organize a "Facebook Revolution" in Azerbaijan [rus]. Perhaps, we should thank Mr. Fatullayev for today's interrogation phase of Ruslan Asad and Rashad Hasanov and other NIDA members who are now accused of many grave crimes they didn't commit. As for NDI, every cent counts (as it rightly should) and holding an institution like NDI accountable of investing USD2million in a Facebook Revolution is simply outlandish. Perhaps this piece [az] by another blogger Ali Novruzov will bring further explanation to this.

There are still no news re. Rashad Hasanov.

Rashad Hasanov, member of NIDA movement and Ruslan Asad, NDI employee were arrested today by plain clothes policemen. Hasanov was taken earlier today, while Asad was detained around 5pm Baku time. Hasanov while being questioned by the Grave Crime Investigation Unit, Asadov's whereabouts are not known.

In addition, arrested leader of ReAl movement, Ilgar Mammadov's sentence was extended to addition two months.

There are rumors that OSCE might close its representative office.

There is information to Ruslan's present employer NDI (National Democratic Institute) and his status with the institution. According to some sources, Ruslan was fired from his job shortly after his detention on March 10th protests organized in Baku (to protest deaths of conscripts). Others (including NDI staff) claim he wasn't fired. Whether he was fired or not, that is not important at the moment. Whats more important is that this young man, open minded, well educated, outspoken and intelligent was taken by two men (who presented themselves as employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) around 5pm today in bright day light near the building where NDI office is located. He was put in a car (Toyota) and taken away. Another reality of all this is that no one knows where he is. And that also another activist was arrested too. So my message to all those arguing over Ruslan's current status with NDI is to stop doing that and instead focus on gathering information and sharing it. 


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