Friday, November 5

Pur pur and few personal reflections on Tbilisi

Pur pur, basement

I discovered this place with a good friend of mine, who lives in Tbilisi, Temo (who happens to be an author of an interesting blog on Georgia with a cool name- GMT: Georgian "Maybe" Time). It was late in the evening when we went there the first time and I absolutely loved the place. Later it became one of my meeting points with Georgian friends. 

During my most recent visits to this lovely city I discovered another place, a bar with a stunning view of Tbilisi city- Tiflis Veranda- and I need to thank my friend Giorgi for introducing me this lovely venue. The venue is just behind the Turkish Hamams, next to Haydar Aliyev Park. 

But this recent trip was also special in a different way. I got to experience the TbiliSoba, which is a Georgian Festival with lots of music, people and smell of shashlik (kebabs) all over the city.  But its not just about food and souvenirs. For a week, there are exhibitions, fares, concerts, performances, and many other activities held all around the city. For me, it was the first time I saw winding streets of old Tbilisi over crowded with people of all ages. 

Moving on to another great experience of this stay, which was eating home made Georgian khinkali- courtesy of my dearest friend Temo's mom. Of course I have tried them at restaurants and even had them once in Baku at my friend's apartment who was Dutch but loved Georgian cuisine and wine too. I wish I had taken pictures, unfortunately I didn't but it was absolutely delicious. 

Old town
And before I forget, the ice cream place- Luca Polare- in the old town, serving some of the best gelati in town. Owned by an Italian, it is indeed outstanding. It also serves coffee and goodies like chocolate chip cookies. I must extend my greetings to all my friends who made my most recent visit to that place fun!

Ah... one can go on and on about this city and I think this wont be my last post (nor it is the first). Its just a city worth visiting and not just once, but several times (plus the country side is stunning). 

Tradition Georgian food at TbiliSoba
stairs of an old apartment in old town
From TbiliSoba


Davide said...

Where are you from?

Arzu Geybulla said...


Davide said...

Lovely city, isn't it? Where did you take that great ice cream?

Arzu Geybulla said...

lovely indeed. can't remember the name unfortunately :(

Davide said...

I bet you were in "Luca Polare"? In Leselidze, just between Tavisupleba and the old town... I know the owner :)

Coming from Italy, I admit that ice cream is really good!

Davide said...

I miss the city, by the way

Temurio said...

Tbilisi loves you and is happy to host you again and again and again!!!

Anonymous said...

The name of the place is Tiflis Veranda :)