Saturday, October 9

Humiliation, betrayal, helplessness

Violence against women is nothing new. Numerous international organizations fight for women's rights all around the world. And in Azerbaijan, violence against women is persistent in many regions if not widespread across the country. Hundreds if not thousands of women are subject to violence on daily basis.  

In the framework of "Youth for Gender Equality" [AZ] program  organized by AEGEE (European Students Forum) in Baku, a group of participants presented a video that tells a story of a girl who is married without her consent and eventually commits a suicide to free herself. 

I came across the video at Zjala Najafova's blog [AZ]- a talented and bright woman from Azerbaijan, who is also in the video:


A number of other videos were produced and are available on YouTube. The following are the titles and the links: 
- Color the equality with a pen of difference

- Gender discrimination in two parts 
 (PART 1-
  PART 2-

- Violence against women (the one embedded)

- Discriminated victims in two parts
 (PART 1- 
  PART 2- 

The gender equality question is often overlooked in Azerbaijan and preserving traditions and values are deemed more valuable than women's lives in this country in most cases. So I would like to congratulate the participants of the project on their great work and for bringing this fragile and yet very important issue up and sharing it with others. Well done guys!

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